About Us

          As times passes Stainless steel enjoys due to minimal wear and the certified reliability, more and more confidence.
          Our company with founder Kyriakos Theodosiadis having at the begging stainless steel products as supplementary materials and then as a key, thanks to the experience gained in more than 40 years, provides exclusive support in need of professional and amateur for quality materials. Provides full range of stainless steel products from the smallest screw to large components and structures.
For many years our company deals with and thinks with the stainless steel.
We learned to anticipate all the needs of the market so that our customers can find all the variety in whatever quantities they want. The reserves cover the needs of most Greek and Balkan industries. And of course, as always at the best prices.
          In the shipping sector where the stainless steel is a matter of survival, our company introduces the largest firms (which represents), the whole range of materials that gives the greatest possible safety and reliability.
          In the field of hotel equipment, our company has made great strides in creating reserves in stainless steel products with construction and building character, such as hinges (selection of over 1000 species), locks, suspension systems, support systems, etc. a great variety of shapes and sizes.
In this area you can see the new construction system railings DECO LINE, handrails and any other structure of pipe and wire rope with special attachments that simplify the construction (assembly) by doing it easy, for the professionals and also the amateurs.
          It is also important to know that all our suppliers are certified by global industry certification agencies and quality assurance of goods.
          Our company has also established in the industrial sector having materials such as pipes and accessories thereof (contractions, tees, bends and more) in stainless steel quality 316 and 316L. It covers the whole range of hydraulic components (nipples, couples, unions, Ball Valves, etc.) and pipes according to SC10 & SC40, all in 316 and/or 316L quality.
          In the field of industrial and shipping materials included wire ropes (always in quality AISI 316) with their accessories, stainless steel wire, chain (also in quality AISI 316 and DIN sizes) as well as bearings.
          Our company also represents the firm SERFLEX (NORMA GROUP) and SUPEREX for pipe clamps. There is a whole range of stainless grease nipples and a variety of stainless steel casters.
Thanks to our big stock and the technical training of our employees, that can help in any need for stainless steel products and discuss any matter presented to the technical progress of our cooperation.
          In privately owned facilities in Piraeus works an exhibition. It can be seen across a variety of materials which supplied the Greek and the European market. The highly trained staff of our company will inform you and help you choose the materials you need.