Innovative marine-tactical LED spotlights & IR beacons

Lampsea™ products have been installed in a large number of vessels such as the Dutch KNRM, global Armed Forces, the warfare-interceptors RHIB NEMESIS, OCEANIC STEALTH as well as many fishing and leisure vessels in Greece and abroad with impressive results.


- High performance submersible, single LED, Nitrogen gas spotlights

- High performance amphibious, single LED, Nitrogen gas spotlights

- DELOS 16 / Long Range Aggressive High Power Nitrogen gas LED Searchlight

Indicative applications such as:

  • Leisure vessels of any size
  • Coast guard missions
  • Long range aggressive LED illumination
  • Long range in excess of 6nm side emitting IR programmable LED beacons
  • Naval or police patrol forces
  • Special warfare forces
  • Self-defence against piracy
  • Special-task rescue forces and fire brigade units
  • Fishing vessels of any size
  • Scientific seabed research or seabed excavations
  • Fixed underwater visible or IR wavelength installations for seaplanes runways
  • Aircra4 carrier-airfield visible or infrared tactical signaling in excess of 6nm
  • Fixed underwater cave lighting
  • Marina- Harbour underwater illumination
  • Decorative underwater bridge lights
  • Architectural lights
  • Industrial High Power LED illumination
  • Water-jet fountains, swimming pool illumination and many more...

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