Stainless Steel, It is our Advantage.

          For over half a century we achieved to have a large variety of many different Items, all made from Stainless steel. It is our advantage. We are able to cover many sectors of Traditional Industry and also New Technological Industries. Stainless steel Fasteners, in A2 and A4 quality at least, from extremely small screws of 1.2mm of thickness up to large ones of 52mm of thickness, and lengths of 3meters long depending to their thickness. Pipes from 6mm OD to 323mmOD, including their fittings, Screwed pipe fittings from 1/4” up to 4”, Ball Valves from 1/8” up to 12”, all in high quality 316L.
          More than 8.000 different articles of Marine hardware and accessories. A big variety of Wire ropes and their fittings for Marine, Industrial, Residential Decoration use. And many more.
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